Trihex Studios: delighting 40M players with analytics

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GameAnalytics gave a voice to Redcliff’s silent majority

Eric and Tae discovered early on that most developers can end up only listening to a few very vocal players. But those players often aren’t representative of the entire player base. For one, over half of Roblox’s players are under 12 years old. Not exactly the sort to engage with a developer or fill out an online survey. In fact, under most privacy laws — a developer isn’t even legally allowed to collect that information, as it could reveal personal information about a minor.

“It’s not the user’s responsibility to tell you what they want, though,” Eric explained. “It’s our responsibility as developers to figure out what the player wants and needs in the game. But you need to be careful. It’s very easy to set up a Discord server and get stuck in an echo chamber of a vocal minority who end up controlling everything. Nothing speaks for the silent majority better than data.”

Tae and Eric quickly learnt that they needed to incorporate analytics into their game. Otherwise, they could easily start heading off course – and making changes their community didn’t really want.

“Data is the canary in the mine,” Tae said. “Canaries hint at a sign of danger. They’re the first ones to know when things are going wrong. Sure, it might not always show you a problem, but they’re the early warning sign that we desperately need.”

Data can reveal insights

Roblox has only recently released analytics into its platform – a dashboard that simply tells developers their MAU and DAU. While useful, it doesn’t dig deep enough for Trihex. And – at the time – it wasn’t available. By incorporating GameAnalytics’ SDK, they were also able to get the insight and depth that they needed.

“GameAnalytics really helped us bootstrap and has been a key part of our journey,” Tae said. “Free analytics is really good, especially for teams starting out. It’s done so much for us.”

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Now, with our Roblox SDK, Trihex games could get all the metrics they needed, like retention, gameplay, and custom events such as resources and progression. For example, they could design an event called ‘visited_store’ to whether the player spawned a house when they first joined the game. This can reveal whether the changes Trihex made were actually working.

“GameAnalytics provides all this data in real-time,” Tae added. “So they’ve been absolutely amazing, especially for Roblox members. The GameAnalytics SDK for Roblox is a community favorite. Even with Roblox’s changes, it’s still an essential staple.”

Want to learn more about how Trihex reached these huge levels of success? Well, we’ve got you covered. Check out the full interview with Trihex Studios here.

GameAnalytics is kidSAFE

It’s worth remembering that Roblox’s audience is so young. This can make it difficult for most analytic tools to collect any information about their gameplay.

However, GameAnaltyics never collects any identifying information. No names. No ages. No emails. Nothing that could be used to identify a player. All the data is completely anonymous. In fact, we’re certified by kidSAFE and meet their standards.

Give a voice to your silent majority

It’s not just Roblox that we support – we have integrations for Unity, Unreal, Meta Quest 2, Godot, Gamemaker and more. Check out our full list on our integrations page. And if we’ve missed the engine you’re using, just drop us a message. And we’ll look into adding it to our pipeline.

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