This question might make you angry, but I ask it anyway. Should the industry drop voice acting to use AI instead?

Your question doesn’t make me angry. It just shows me that you don’t really understand what it is we want when we hire voice actors.

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We wouldn’t use AI-generated audio, just like we wouldn’t use AI-generated art. When we’re trying to build something specific like a narrative, a character, a world, etc. we’ve got something in mind that we need to iterate on. We try to control just about every aspect of our creation - visually, thematically, contextually, narratively, in motion, in performance, in audio, and so on. That means that we’re looking for a very specific kind of performance out of the voice actors we hire.

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While AI might be able to create the kind of performance we want someday, AI is absolutely unable to meet those needs today. AI-generated stuff is interesting for sure, but in a novelty “that’s kinda cool for a prototype” way and not a “this is ready for prime time full production” way. There’s a tremendous gulf between a proof-of-concept idea, and something that’s usable for putting out the kind of work we need done for a full scale production. There are no plans to drop any of our sound designers, voice actors, sound engineers, concept artists, texture artists, or any other artists for AI.

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