This is may be an odd question, but you’ve said you’ve been in the industry for several console gens now. If a modern AAA studio wanted, for whatever reason, to make a new ps2 game, how much easier would it be given the increase in expertise and tools and everything else in the decades since?

It’s nigh impossible to build a PS2 game now primarily because all of the necessary hardware and software have been discontinued for over 15 years. The old PS2 dev tools are no longer in production. Most of the software for building it depended on Window XP machines. That old tech is no longer supported by any vendors anymore. DVD technology is obsolete, there are very few ways to play them anymore let alone create them. We’ve got new awesome tools and a lot more understanding, but most of the necessary tech to build that stuff is 15+ years gone.

Now… if you were asking about making a game at or around the same visual fidelity level of the PS2, that would be a lot easier. Without having to track down working versions of development software and hardware, things become much more simple.

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