Raw data now available in real-time!

In the fast-paced world of gaming, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. That’s why we’re excited to announce a major update to Raw Export, part of our powerful suite of data tools for games – real-time data delivery.

Now, with our real-time update, you can access and process your event-level game data the instant it’s generated. No more waiting – critical data is at your fingertips as the events occur. This means quicker responses to emerging trends, immediate detection of issues, and the ability to create your own, fully bespoke insights pipeline.

  • Gain full control over how your data is processed to suit any custom needs
  • Connect with any third-party tools or data sources, allowing for comprehensive analysis and integration with your existing systems, or even a data lake
  • Unlock deep-dive analysis, even at the event level – not just aggregated KPIs
  • Leverage our reliable and secure infrastructure to build your own reporting
  • Save time and effort creating a custom data pipeline, without having to build it yourself or manage the data collection infrastructure

Raw Export offers complete access to all of your analytics events data, delivering it directly into your own, self-managed S3 bucket. You’re free to analyze, process, and store your data in a way that best fits your needs, while also giving your team secure access for improved compliance oversight.

Using real-time data and insights gleaned from our data tools, TapNation’s product team has successfully boosted player LTV by an average of 50% across their entire game portfolio – all within 6 months of implementing Raw Export.

Discover more about Raw Export and request access to the service here

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