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What’s the deal with playables?

Playable ads have quickly become one of the most popular ad formats among apps and brands due to their premium user experience, accessibility, and superior conversion performance. And while playable ads are effective, they are typically expensive and time-consuming to produce, posing a significant challenge to scalability. It’s for this reason we’ve launched the Playable Ad Editor on the Playturbo platform.

The Playable Ad Editor now provides advertisers with a zero-coding, drag-and-drop online editor to easily create personalized playable ads – compatible with the leading ad networks.

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Create Your Own Playable Ads With Our Drag-and-Drop Editor

Playturbo by Mindworks is a self-service element-based creative production platform for playable ads.

The Playturbo platform provides fully customizable playable ads by providing hundreds of Mindworks’ premium pre-made playable ad templates. The new drag-and-drop feature gives full control over production and brings your playable ads to life in just one click.

1. Zero-coding, beginner-friendly, and zero learning curve

Whether you’re a beginner or a playable design pro, simply drop in the elements and effects to produce a stunning playable ad in an instant.

2. Wide range of design assets at your fingertips

Stand out from competitors and explore our curated library of premium images, text, background music, videos, and effects.

3. Compatible with major ad networks

Playable ads created on Playturbo can be exported and deployed across all the major ad networks on the market, including Mintegral, Facebook, Google, Unity, AppLovin, Vungle, TikTok, and more. In addition, the language, device orientation, and package size of your creatives can also be altered in clicks – helping you succeed in the global market.

4. Get inspired: Premium templates and experts’ insights

Games, apps, eCommerce and brands all stand to benefit from our playable template library. Receive in-depth insights from our expert team, helping you to earn more attention, clicks, and conversions.

5. Automatic assets replacement

By saving your playable ad as a template, Playturbo can replace the ad assets automatically including CTA buttons, characters, skins, background music, game difficulty, text content, and more – helping you quickly export multiple variations for A/B testing.

6. Optimize with real data

Playturbo allows advertisers to track various in-ad interactive points. Advertisers can get a better understanding of their users and further optimize their playables accordingly, improving UA effectiveness as a result.

Trusted by global partners

Many top advertisers have already utilized Playturbo’s Playable Ad Editor for creative production. including popular brands like Duobite, XMiles, Triwin, and more.

“It really takes time to adjust playables’ package size and device orientation for various ad networks, especially for the global UA campaigns,” said Yiping Cai, the co-founder of Duobite Games, “Playturbo really helps us on reducing time and effort on creative production, which we appreciate a lot.”

Playable ads produced by Duobite Games using Playturbo

“With the launch of the Playable Ad Editor, Playturbo now covers the entire process of playable production – from zero to hero,” said Stella Zhu, the Head of Mindworks and Creative Director of Mintegral. “A variety of advertisers can benefit from Playturbo, including those who customize their ads through the Mindworks team, or those who wish to produce playable ads in-house.”

How Playturbo helps with your playable production:

  1. Playable Ad Editor. Advertisers can build up their own playable from scratch with the drag-and-drop editor
  2. Playable Ad Templates. With premium pre-made playable ad templates, advertisers can quickly produce their own creatives
  3. Customized Playable Ad. Iteration For playable creatives produced by Mindworks, advertisers can use Playturbo to adjust creatives and export multiple variations in seconds

What are you waiting for? Setup your free playables today

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