Lightning Mailbag: Random Mailer Generation

More questions with quick answers. Let’s go.

How difficult is it to make a color swap variant of a monster/character/etc? Is it just “change the RGB values of the textures, or is there more too it?

It depends on how detailed you want to go. If you only want to change the colors on a model, a shader can do that dynamically. The benefit of being able to make modifications to the other texture maps (normal, ambient occlusion, specular, etc.) is that you can make the same model look vastly different with enough work put in. It can be as simple as changing the RGB values of the texture, or as complicated as building an entirely new 3D look through texture manipulation.  

Now that The UK is mourning for 12 days, can it affect game development like causing a major delay on schedule?

It is unlikely. The mourning period doesn’t stop businesses from operating. To my understanding, game dev studios in the UK will mourn the queen if they so desire, but I have heard of no studio closures.

How is C# pronounced.  Is is C <hashtag> or C <pound> or something else?

It’s C Sharp, like the musical term.

Who decide what the name of the game will be?

It’s usually the executive producer. They come up with a couple of ideas that go through the approval process (legal, marketing, executive approval, etc.) and then the winner gets to be the title of the game.

Who are the highest earning developers in the industry and how did they get there? I’m trying to look at people to model my career after.

The highest earning developers are usually the executive producers responsible for the biggest franchise games. That’s games like Call of Duty, Pokemon, FIFA, etc.

Where do you get all your gifs? You seem to have a bottomless supply!

Google image search and a good variety of words and phrases to search for. Longtime readers have probably realized I have my own gif archive that I cycle through.

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