With Gundam Evolution’s shut down just being announced, I wonder again: Why do multiplayer games like that not at least give the option to have a private server browser after the dedicated ones shut down? Doesn’t the anguish of having your years of work just vanish outweigh the costs of implementing that? It always breaks my heart, both as a player and as someone who wants to preserve gaming history

Let me turn this question around. Do you think these devs should do this work without being paid for the weeks or months necessary to build and ship the feature you’re asking for? If not, who do you think should be paying for them to do this work? As much as we might like to set the ship into a good position to autopilot into the sunset, the amount of work necessary to do so is usually untenable, especially if it is a console game and the desired features require certification.

Whenever the decision came to shut down a game I was working on, one of the first things that the publisher did was either reassign me to a new project or let me go as part of a layoff. My time is valuable - if they want to keep me, they want me working on something that contributes to their continued financial survival. If they can’t afford to keep me, then my need to earn a living and feed my family supercedes my desire to make the fans of the game I worked on happy.

We’re all sad to see a game we worked on go off into the sunset, but there is never any end to the game dev tasks we can take on. As much as I wish each and every game get the sendoff its community wants and deserves, the reality is that our skills are needed elsewhere and we always need to justify our paychecks.

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