Why even have a jump button if the character can only jump a foot vertically?

Think about a non-platforming game where jumping isn’t super important but still allowed. How often do you think players who play those games press the jump button? Many of them do it all the time. It gives players an additional action to do while wandering around the world and it provides an outlet for them to express themselves. Having actions that players can perform, even if those actions have no real gameplay value, still provides experiential variety and help keep them engaged. In Fire Emblem Three Houses, players can control a small pixel-art avatar during loading screens. It isn’t even a mini-game since the actions are severely limited - the avatar can walk left and right along the screen and can jump. Thousands of players played with that loading screen avatar and collectively jumped millions of times, even though there was no gameplay purpose for it other than a momentary distraction from waiting for a game to load.

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