Why do AAA devs hold back showing key gameplay elements in trailers so much? Sonic Frontiers has had around 4 presentations and has only just now shown the cyberspace levels. But they only showed maybe 6 seconds total compared to the half hour of footage in the hub. A lot of games do this and its extremely frustrating.

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Imagine if the marketing team had shared all of Sonic Frontier’s features and gameplay elements early on, at the game’s announcement. If they had gone over all of the new gameplay elements then, every press and marketing event afterward would be rehashing the same features over and over again. They would see a big surge in interest at the very start, and then it would fall over time because there would be nothing new to see. By the time the game arrived, players would have seen the same features several times in a row and would not necessarily be as excited, especially if competitors were announcing new and cool things about their games in the interim.

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Sonic Frontiers is slated for a holiday release date. Between today and November, there is still Comic Con in July, Gamescom in August, and Tokyo Game Show in September. It is likely the Sega marketing team is holding additional reveals back (like the cyberspace levels) for one or more of these events in order to hype players and get more attention closer to the game’s release date. In order to maximize sales, the marketing team needs public interest in Sonic Frontiers to peak at or just before the game’s release. They do this by building carefully pacing and timing their limited number of new gameplay reveals to grab player interest and get them talking.

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