Product Update: Ad Revenue from HyperBid now available on GameAnalytics

We’ve got a new ad revenue source in the mix. The best thing about it? It’s our very own ad mediation platform HyperBid. You can now get all the impression-level revenue data from HyperBid on your GameAnalytics dashboard. 

Head over to our SDK docs to get the integration started (Unity, iOS, Android).

ILRD from HyperBid on GameAnalytics

We’ve added support for impression-level revenue data (ILRD) from HyperBid. Track all your key ad revenue metrics from HyperBid directly in the GameAnalytics tool with our Ads Dashboard. Including slicing and dicing all your ad data in our Explore Tool.

Why do we make these changes?

HyperBid is our very own mediation platform built specifically for mobile games. With this integration, we make sure that you can get best-in-class mediation with HyperBid and get holistic reporting of the revenue on GameAnalytics too.

Ad revenue data is an essential influencer of your product development and monetization strategy. You can both track and optimize your ad revenue at an impression level.

What does it mean for you?

This integration is a further step in housing all your game-related data in one place.

  • You can now analyze in detail the performance of your ads in the analytics tool. For example, how much revenue per user you generated or whether your ads perform better in some regions over others.
  • You can also choose to go for our Player Warehouse service (part of our DataSuite offering) for an in-depth analysis of your ad revenue data suited to your needs. We set up a Google Cloud Project for you and load data that can be used to perform your own SQL custom queries.

Learn more about Player Warehouse here and if this is something of interest to you, let’s talk!

What’s coming next?

This integration is only our first step towards integrating HyperBid and GameAnalytics. We’re hard at work to bring you more powerful features and controls that connect your product analytics and your ad mediation. Stay tuned!
Leaving you with our VP for HyperBid: Ahmet Genc’s thoughts on the integration and the path ahead:

“Product analytics and Mediation should not be functioning in silos. Sharing the revenue data from HyperBid on GameAnalytics is only the beginning of bringing you powerful features that will allow you to make product and monetization decisions cohesively. There’s so much more to come.”

That’s all for now on the Product front. Get started on using the new integration with our integration docs (Unity, iOS, Android).

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