I’m wondering how I can best support a developer and franchise I love while also saving money on video games. I know I should buy within first 3 months, but where is best place to buy? Obviously directly from dev if offered, but those usually don’t have discounts. I believe purchasing from Steam is the same as purchasing from a retail store — they both take a big cut. What about GreenManGaming? They offer me discounts on brand new games but are developers getting a reasonable cut there?

If you want to optimize the amount of your purchase that goes to the developers, the best choice is probably the Epic Game Store. They take the smallest cut out of all of the platforms out there. Most platforms take a standard 30% cut of all revenue for themselves. Epic is much more developer-friendly and takes 12% of their revenue.

Beyond this, one of the best ways to support the developers of a game is to buy DLC. DLC monetization tends to be better for us and is generally higher quality than the stuff the game ships with because those of us on the dev team have earned more experience with the tools and are better prepared to build new stuff.

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