I just found out that the vast majority of my department is getting laid off in the next couple months and I’m not sure what my next steps are from here… With the field being extremely competitive to begin with, and it also being the worst time of year for job postings/hiring, do you have any advice for someone who’s been laid off in this industry? (I only have just under a year of official experience here) I’ve updated my resume, networked with others, working on my portfolio…anything else that you’d recommend? Thank you ❤️

You really need to read my [Gamer's Primer to Practically Dealing with Job Loss]. It's a good breakdown of the kind of tasks you need to do and when you should prioritize doing them. Read it now.

If you need assistance with resume or interview prep, I highly recommend joining our [discord server]. There are many tech and game industry professionals there with a lot of experience able to help. I truly hope things improve for you soon.

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