I have been heavily debating the differences between getting into 2D vs 3D game develoment. I have noticed that the industry at large is moving towards 3D and 2D games are becoming less relevant. While I understand 2D development is easier to get into, is 3D the future? Would experience in 3D open up more opportunities compared to 2D?

The honest truth is that 3D won a long time ago. We aren't "moving" towards 3D, we firmly set up shop there years ago and have been here for the past four console generations. The fact that [we can change camera angles without needing new versions of all character art in the game] is too valuable.

You are correct in that 2D development has a lower bar to entry - many things are much simpler in two dimensions than they are in three. This makes 2D development easier for hobbyists and indies to get something stood up and working. However, since you ask about opportunities, I will assume that you're not looking for a hobby but a career. If that's the case, learning the ins and outs of 3D will serve you a lot better long term. The number of job opportunities for 2D work is limited relative to 3D work in many disciplines.

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