I feel like the past few years I’ve had a pretty solid picture of what a game was before I bought it. The scope, game feel, story premise, etc. I’m getting surprised less, for better and for worse. Am I becoming a savvier customer or do you think marketing is getting better at giving accurate ideas of what a game “really” is?

I think you’re becoming a savvier customer. You’re more familiar with marketing techniques, seeing past the puffery, and reading between the lines for a better gauge of what the actual game is like. This kind of thing isn’t abnormal at all, it’s actually just experience manifesting itself. As with most skills, each individual has a combination of personal aptitude, innate talent, and earned experience that determine how good they are at a particular skill. We can’t really control our personal aptitude or innate talent, but experience is a matter of doing enough reps and seeing enough stuff to recognize it, internalize it, and act on it. That might be parsing and understanding games better, strengthening your body, or learning a new language.

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