GameAnalytics’ Journey to Analytics Excellence – H2 2023 Updates and Improvements

product updates h2 2023

In the dynamic world of GameAnalytics development, evolution is the constant. While our recent endeavors have been focused on launching GameAnalytics Pro, our commitment to refining and enhancing our standard offerings for everyone never wavered. We are convinced that empowering game development starts by cultivating a sophisticated, cost-efficient, and powerful analytics ecosystem for developers and studios of all shapes, sizes, and budgets.

Apart from the launch of GameAnalytics Pro, we’ve delved deep into refining key features, ensuring our platform meets and exceeds your expectations. From comprehensive portfolio overviews to advanced filtering controls and character limit expansions, each improvement has been meticulously designed to empower your decision-making and analysis, offering you a richer, more streamlined analytics toolkit to fuel your game development success.

Let us walk you through these impactful releases available for everyone:

Portfolio overview

This new feature helps developers navigate the landscape of their game portfolio, displaying metrics for their top-performing games. We have heard your feedback that a comprehensive game overview is important and plan to expand this feature. A similar game overview should soon be featured on the initial home page, too.


Engagement analysis

Exploring player retention and returning user engagement is now even more seamless with the enhanced Engagement feature. Apply filters and custom event conditions to decipher critical touchpoints affecting player return rates.


Health reporting

This brand-new health feature allows quick discovery of potential technical glitches and errors within your latest builds. Currently, you can monitor real-time errors in the Realtime dashboard, but moving into 2024, we aim to add realtime in the Health feature and introduce FPS, Memory, and AppBoot insights.

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Industry benchmarks

Benchmarks is a feature that has been around for a while now. However, we have extended its functionality for users of GameAnalytics Pro. While the free version allows you to only see industry data from before 2021, this limitation is removed from the premium version, and you can access the latest statistics.

GameAnalytics Pro also gives you access to top-performing quantiles, allowing you to see the top 5% of studios and their retention rates.


Advanced filter value controls (coming soon)

We understood the need to select the right filter values for many levels and items. We will soon introduce improvements to control how event values are loaded and searched, allowing easy discovery of the values you need.

Advanced controls will be added to alter search behavior, the period values that are loaded from the data, and the ordering of values. The result is a much more flexible way to locate, order, and select values needed.

advanced filter values control
As you are reading this, the functionality might be already out.

Remote Configs Character Limit Increase

Enjoy more freedom in customization with an increased character limit for Remote Configs. You can now tailor your remote configurations precisely to your game’s needs with a limitation increased to 2000 characters.


Live Event Filtering Improvements

The real-time event feed has been updated to control the events shown via filters. We now support build and event-type filters in addition to user_id. It is now way easier to validate an SDK integration as you can focus more granularly and sit back and watch the events arrive. The event list also increased to show 50 at one time.

live event filtering


Other notable improvement

There is also a list of smaller yet impactful improvements, including

  • global filters supporting Acquisition dimensions;
  • Explore tool will no longer reset filters while you explore various metrics;
  • simplified Organization management; and
  • a seamless transition from Dashboard metrics to the Explore Tool.

Each tweak is geared towards enhancing your analytics journey.

In reflecting on the tool updates made in the second half of 2023, we are inspired by your invaluable feedback. From the comprehensive Portfolio Overview to the streamlined Engagement feature, your insights have played a pivotal role in shaping these improvements. As we journey towards analytics excellence, we’re excited to share that many more improvements are already in the works and are set to be introduced in 2024. Your continued feedback is essential in steering our course, so don’t hesitate to keep sharing your thoughts and experiences directly in our tool.

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