Does cut content exist for video games? Not material devs save for later use in dlcs or expansions, but content that was created and for some reason didn’t make it to the final product. Idk like, a boss battle was way too long so a portion of gameplay was cut off or some footage devs felt like removing from certain cutscenes.

Of course cut content exists. On the latest shipped game that I worked on, I was hired for and spent months working on a significant game mode that was eventually cut. Our game mode was playable with a full game loop but the higher-ups decided it wasn't shaping up to be what they wanted for the overall game. We managed to save some of the early content we built for that game mode and repurpose it for another game mode, but a significant amount of the systems and features we built for the cancelled mode (including several boss battles and a progression system) will never be seen by players and exist only in our memories and our code/asset repositories.

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