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Heads up, it’s now possible to deploy a version of our analytics platform into your own setup and systems with a Private Instance. Having a private deployment of GameAnalytics is an ideal solution for any studio and publisher looking to become more independent and gain greater control over their own tools and data.

In this update, we’ll explain what a Private Instance is, why we’ve rolled out this service, and how you can get started.

Why we created Private Instance

We’re seeing a shift in the industry. More large-scale studios and publishers are bringing tools and systems in-house, with the goal of managing their own data pipelines for custom reporting, along with improving data compliance and security.

That’s why we’ve released Private Instance. With your own private deployment, you’ll now be able to use all the GameAnalytics features, but on your own servers. So you can build out custom functionality and even style it in your own branding without spending years building it from scratch.

What does Private Instance look like?

It’ll be a fully custom analytics tool that sits in your company’s infrastructure. We’ve enabled it so you can:

  • Customize it for your specific needs. Our platform is based on components, so you can deploy, scale, and modify each one whenever you need to.
  • Collect data from over 20 different SDKs. So you can plug into engines like Unity, Unreal or even use our pre-built APIs.
  • Transform your data. If you’re collecting data from lots of different sources, you can use our DataSuite services to process your data in more ways than ever. All included.
  • Use our prebuilt features. That includes A/B testing, remote configs, advanced user management and even your own admin interface.
  • Own your data and security. You will be in control and store all of the data for your games on your own systems.

Private Instance

Keep your studio compliant

We’ll continue monitoring new privacy regulations and legislation. When a new law affects the market, we’ll update our tech and process data in a compliant way. So you can spend more time building games, and rest assured your studio stays in step with changing regulations.

How does it work?

We’ll sit down with your team to figure out exactly what components you need. After that, there are two stages to getting set up: implementing it into your environment, and then sorting any ongoing support and maintenance. We’ll walk you through every step of the process.

Get in touch to get started

We understand the importance of analytics. We’ve spent years building, testing, and perfecting our analytics tool for the gaming industry. So if you want to learn more about Private Instance and get started, get in touch with our team.

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