Blizzard is perceived as always trying to release Pro-Inclusivity news to deflect from breaking Negative Press about its many lawsuits. It that an accurate perception?

No. It takes months to develop, market, and push content live. Blizzard is constantly releasing news because they run multiple live-service games that each need a steady feed of new announcements to keep the player base interested and engaged. This means that we are, at most, a few weeks away from a new announcement of any kind. The reason there’s so much inclusivity content in their announcements is because many of the Blizzard developers themselves actually care a great deal about inclusivity.

The people who are most upset at Blizzard as an institution are not actually the gamers, they’re the developers - the people who are participating in those lawsuits you mentioned. The gamers are mostly tangential to all this - they might get some recreational outrage out of it, but I doubt the gamers could name any of the developers or perpetrators of bad conduct in question. The pro-inclusivity content and the sentiment surrounding the lawsuits are for completely different groups of people.

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