2021 Roundup: What we’ve done, what we’re doing, and where we’re going

Over the last couple of years, we’ve released a new website, tools and features, completely new product lines, and even a mediation platform: HyperBid. We’ve been building your toolkit to not only perfect your titles, but to scale and thrive in an ever competitive industry.

So in this blog, we’re going to cover:

  • A recap of all of the tools and products we’ve released.
  • Our company structure and what’s new.
  • And our plans for 2022.

But before we move on, we want to say a massive thank you to all of our users and supporters, and give a shout out to the crew behind GameAnalytics. We’re lucky to have an excellent team in our cavalry, and a great community to listen to – your ongoing support and feedback has helped shape our tools and our business.

Let’s get to it.

A look back: What we’ve done in 2021

We’ve really knuckled down over the last 12 months. If you’re an avid GameAnalytics fan and have been following our updates closely, then you’ll know we’ve been releasing products and new features left, right and centre.

To give you an idea of what we’ve achieved, here’s what we’ve done throughout 2021:

  • Launched our sister company, HyperBid: It’s a mediation platform, built specifically for gaming. We crafted a tool which is committed to helping developers maximize their ad revenue. It’s currently in Open Beta, and you can sign up and get the full story in our update here.
  • Released Growth FullStack, with Tenjin: We’ve created a brand new ETL tool. You can use it to bring your marketing and product data together. You’ll now be able to stack your data from different sources together to form the insights you need (without needing a data scientist or engineer). Read the full announcement here.
  • Rebuilt Benchmarks+, as GameIntel: It’s a new market intelligence tool which lets you follow market trends in real-time, see which games have the best performance indicators, and supercharge your game research and ideation. It originally launched as Benchmarks+ in 2019, but we’ve layered in more data, features, and dashboards, as well as offer affordable pricing plans (and a free tier). Here’s our latest update.
  • Updated our data services: The largest update we’ve done to our Data Services this year is our new Raw Export. With it, you can automatically export all of your games’ raw event data in JSON format, and pump this straight into your AWS S3 account. Here’s the full update.
  • Integrated more ad revenue providers: We’ve been adding ad revenue data from a range of new partners over the last year. You can now keep an eye on your ad metrics from companies like Admob, Aequus, Applovin MAX, Fyber, ironSource.
  • And much more: We haven’t forgotten about the small details either. We’ve been tinkering around with our products, tweaking and making them better. There’s new dimensions in our core tool, like our iOS Consent Status and Manufacturer. We redesigned our GameAnalytics mobile app, which you can also download on Huawei’s AppGallery. And we’ve reworked how we manage our identifiers, in response to Apple’s iOS 14.5 update.

We’re changing our structure

We’re no longer just your go-to analytics platform for mobile games. Although our speciality is bringing data and games together, we’re venturing forth into new areas of the game development industry, so we can give you the tools to thrive and succeed in the ever growing market.

We’ve grown from a three man team working on a passion project 12 years ago, to a mature SaaS provider to the game development industry. Our crew has almost doubled in size over the last year, and we’re intending to expand even further in 2022. And with this growth, comes restructure. We’ve had to adapt to how we work, build new departments, and become more agile in our strategy. So we have some news to fill you in on.

We’re now a remote-friendly company

We still have our bases in London and Copenhagen. But mid-2020, we decided to give our crew the option to work remotely. Covid-19 was a big deciding factor behind this. Lockdown made us (and many other companies) rethink how we work. And over the last 2 years, we’ve been introducing new structures, workflows, and templates into how to do this right.

But another deciding factor was talent. The tech industry is growing fast, and the perfect match is no longer around the corner. The world is changing, shifting online, and we plan on keeping up. Going hybrid not only lets us find new people from around the globe, but lets our staff have a better work/life balance, too.

We’re welcoming a new CEO

Our CEO, Ioana Hreninciuc, is taking a step back. She joined the company back in 2016, and during the last 5 years Ioana has helped grow our user base ten fold, laid the foundation for our products and restructure, and has also helped build an experienced, passionate team of experts, who are able to craft the tools you use today.

But it’s not quite goodbye. While she’s planning on taking some (much deserved) time off, Ioana will stay on as an advisor for the company, and will continue to guide and grow our team and products in the next phase to come. Meanwhile, our founder, Morten Wulff, will be stepping up as CEO fulltime to take her place.

It’s an understatement to say how lucky we’ve been to have such a talented person at the steering wheel. And we’re excited to continue our relationship further.

And what we’re doing in 2022

All of these changes to both our product lines and our team has laid the groundwork for the next step in our journey. We’re no longer just your trusted analytics company for mobile games. We’re paving the way for new tools and support for the game development industry.

So expect to see even more features and updates coming soon to all of our products. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to follow this space. And if there’s anything you would like us to work on next, let us know here.

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