You mentioned two of the games you crunched hard on did not ship, what happened and what did it feel like to burn the candle at both ends only to not see the game released?

Honestly, I felt completely numb to it in both cases when it happened. That's because the game getting cancelled meant that the team was also getting laid off so I immediately had to go into survival mode. At the time, I shoved all of those feelings about never seeing my work into a tightly-sealed jar to process later once I had secured my own survival. Most of the things I learned from those layoffs (and subsequent layoffs) have been crystallized into my [Gamer's Primer to Practically Dealing with Job Loss]. I didn't have any time to mourn for my lost work because I was too busy trying to secure my own living situation. I did process eventually get around to processing it, but by then it was much later and the scar tissue had already grown.

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