Why do so many FPS games now have “inspect” animations for the guns? It seems like a lot of animation effort into a pretty niche feature that does not directly impact the gameplay.

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Being able to look at the details of the various different weapons in the game also make the world feel more real and lived-in. The details of how the weapon is constructed, where the ammunition is carried, and how the firing mechanism works, how the weapon is held, and so on all emphasize that these are weapons that behave as one would expect real weapons to work within the scope of the world. It makes the world more believable to have this kind of consistent detail presented in it.

For the second major reason, I should point out that one important principle of game design is that acknowledging the choices a player makes within the game helps make those choices feel more real to the player. If a player makes a choice, having the game react to that player’s choice makes it feel like that choice held some meaning. This includes the various ways the player may express themselves through their decisions on things like equipment and visuals.

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Most modern FPS games have options to customize your gun and gun experience through a variety of options - attachments, upgrades, skins, and so on. It’s also pretty obvious that players spend a lot of time with their chosen weapons - they try a variety of guns, attachments, upgrades, and so on in gameplay until they find a recipe they like. They may tweak the formula and set it up just so. The visuals of the chosen gun, including cosmetics like decals and skins, are important for the player’s self-expression.

This is one reason why we add the “inspect” animation - it’s the in-game means of acknowledging the player’s choices with regards to the weapon. Each gun feels different, shoots different, and looks different. The animation helps drive home how the player’s choice of weapon makes a difference, both from a gameplay and a visual perspective. The player gets a chance to look over their own handiwork and choices, admiring the details of the weapon and this makes the game world and their choices feel more “real” to them. This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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