Why do in-game cosmetics tend to be so expense? (~$20, nearly 1/3 the price of a full game). I mean I know the simple answer is that the devs have determined that’s the sweet spot to price them at, based on their data. But is there any more insight you can offer as to *why* that became the sweetspot? Intuitively it just seems like way too much. Is it to take advantage of whales?

It's similar to how different players like different kinds of gameplay in games, different buyers have different things they're looking for and different spending habits. A lot of the considerations among players for in-game purchases also apply to whole game purchases.

Consider - many players are all about getting a hot new game on release day. These types will preorder, preload, and may even stay up till midnight to start playing right away. In like manner, many in-game spenders also like getting the hot new thing that appeals to them right away.

Some players are willing to wait for the sales on new games. These more value-minded players love to buy discounted products and bundles where the items included might not be on the top of the desired list, but they like getting value. These players won't buy the brand new $20 cosmetics, but they can often be tempted by the bundles of all of last season's cosmetics at a discount.

This is just a few examples of different buying habits. We also often make products (both microtransaction and full game) for new players to help them ramp up in the game. The players who make the most products for are the biggest spenders, but we try to provide different things for everybody who wants to spend.

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