Who prioritizes the bugs to get fixed. I know any bug that stops other people from working would be a top priority, but once those are knocked down, how do you prioritize the remaining ones?

Production makes the final call on bug prioritization, but they take the advisement of the other departments under consideration while making those choices. You are correct that the bugs that stop people from working are the top priority. Below broken builds, live issues that allow players to exploit or grief others are often top priorities. Other than that, it's a jumble of completing the remaining tasks that need to be done for our next release (especially those that allow others to work) and fixing the bugs that come in. Things that are mission critical are more important than things that are good to have, which are more important than things that are nice to have, which are more important than wishlist items. These get ranked against bugs that ruin experiences, bugs that bother players but don't ruin experiences, bugs that are annoyances but not real bothers, and so on.

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