When it comes to microtransactions, how much data does it take to adjust prices? If a class of items (such as skins) is underperforming expectations is a price reduction considered or is it better to stay the course since there is no need to liquidate stock like in a physical store?

We don’t really do a lot of price adjustment of existing products, since it doesn’t cost us anything to continue to offer it at the price we ask. Usually we try to figure out why a particular product did or didn’t sell well, and then try to adjust it in some way so the next similar product does better.

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Prices are also not the only means we have of adjusting product settings. We usually try to increase the value of the kind of product to players - more power, more elaborate visuals, better looking, special emote, or whatever. That’s something market research spends a lot of time on - figuring out what kind of things various types of players would want to spend money on and what they value in those offerings. Then we can try to offer them new products that they feel are worth buying. We might not always be successful, but our goal is usually to try to create products within our budget that players find sufficient value in for the price.

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Permanent lowering of prices of individual or old products rarely happens because the number of players who feel priced out at a microtransaction item aren’t very large. Instead, we usually have a rotating or scheduled discount where certain items are offered temporarily for a lower price to pick up the stragglers, or periodically offer a “better value” bundles where the overall price is higher but we bundle up many items so the value is still there for the budget-minded player.

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