What build system do AAA studios typically use? I know that Electronic Arts has their own build system, but is this common?

Every major studio I've worked at generally has their own automated build system. These build systems are not shared between projects at the same publisher. This is because each game has its own file structure, asset list, and scripts that must be processed alongside building the code in order to result in a functioning game build. The larger the project/franchise, the more elaborate and powerful these build systems tend to be.

The Call of Duty team, for example, has a build system that allows developers to build the game with a shelved changelist against the current depot on multiple platforms (PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX, PC), and run a full suite of tests on the result in order to validate the changes. The devs are required to run this build and validation process before being allowed to submit their changes in order to ensure stability in the game. The build system is also constantly running in a cycle to compile all of the game's maps and packages for QA to test.

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