What are game development jobs that most people have not heard of?

Here are some of the lesser-known roles in the game industry that you may not have heard of:

[Technical Artist] - an artist who writes code to help other artists realize their visions. This can include creating shaders, working on the pipeline to keep assets within technical constraints, or any number of other roles involving art and programming.

Prototype Artist - an art generalist who specializes in putting together usable art for a game prototype. They know the quick and dirty hacks and key knowledge to get what’s needed into the game and working, rather than focusing on finishing out production quality assets.

[Test Engineer] - a programmer whose focus is on building and maintaining automated tests to validate game assets, rules, and gameplay.

[Build Engineer] - a programmer who focuses on making sure the in-development game builds and runs properly. They are in charge of catching build breaks, notifying those responsible for those breaks, and backing out the offending depot checkins.

[Monetization Designer] - a designer who focuses on the kind of content we can offer players who are interested in paying, how we offer it to them, and how we can provide them the value they are looking for without offending them.

Data Scientist - An analyst that focuses on reading, parsing, and interpreting all of the data gathered from players playing the game. This ranges from which characters the players liked to romance to total player life cycle. Their reports help inform future creative and executive decisions.

Localization Manager - the various countries and regions we want to sell our games in all have their own sets of laws, regulations, and cultural norms that should be considered. Localization managers serve to guide localization development to ensure that the game passes regulations and make sense to the audience in those regions.

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