Was on Twitter debating a guy mad at devs saying the IGN devs should all make games like bg3 and he somehow thinks devs don’t try to push back against micro transactions and the like. So does that happen and have you ever seen it work?

This whole situation reminds me of a hypothetical news headline "SCIENTISTS PROVE EATING CHOCOLATE CAN STOP CANCER" which is actually reporting on a published a research paper that talks about how some specific organic molecule that is found in trace amounts within chocolate show anti-carcinogenic results when consumed in higher quantities by lab mice, but that humans would need to consume something like 50 pounds of chocolate daily in order to achieve the necessary quantity of the organic molecule in question. The article misrepresented what the devs said and turned their words into the kind of imaginary strawman villain that gamers love to hate. Clickbait isn't worth talking about because it isn't a real discussion and you probably already know why.

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