The blog has talked about how everyone has ideas, so being an idea guy isn’t a viable career. What about those of us who are the opposite? I can bring other’s ideas about but have little sense of creativity or entrepreneurship. Is that bad? How do I make that sound not bad in an interview?

Your answer depends a lot on what you mean by “little sense of creativity” and your chosen career path. A producer, for example, doesn’t necessarily need a lot of creative chops as long as she can handle creating and tracking tasks, manage a schedule, coordinate meetings, and handle a variety of other smaller tasks.


Doing more direct hands-on development work like engineering, design, or art will likely require some form of creativity. Any of those roles is going to need to come up with solutions for problems. If you lack the kind of creativity to solve problems in those fields or require significant amounts of direction to solve those problems, you’re probably going to hit a glass ceiling for your career pretty quickly. If your creativity is sufficient to come up with solutions for the appropriate problems within your field, you’re probably fine. We don’t really penalize too much if you aren’t some kind of cross-discipline savant.

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In an interview, you want to talk about and present your strengths. If you’re really good at solving software problems, talk about that - maybe you’re not great at designing solutions, but maybe you can take any design no matter how tricky and turn it into performant code. If you’re interviewing for a producer role, focus on telling us how great your organizational skills are within a team. If you’re looking for a QA role, you can talk about how methodical you are in your approach to solving problems and how great you are at writing reports.

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