Since you mentioned asset flips, what are you general opinion of them, and how numerous they are on steam/other game stores?

"Asset flip" is just another term for a game reskin. Game reskins generally exist in the shovelware niche - low cost and quick development targeting purchasers who don't really know or care what they're buying. Shovelware tends to proliferate in environments where the barrier to entry is low. If you can keep costs low, you don't need a huge number of sales to make a profit. This is very similar to the low-end ebook publishing market where a writer can publish a lot of content very quickly for a very low cost.

Personally, I don't mind that shovelware exists - it certainly isn't for me and I always encourage players and consumers to be more critical about what they buy, but I also think that shovelware can provide an area where young developers can get a first job, earn some experience, and level up in their careers which can be valuable. I don't think it really hurts anyone too much, since it's generally inexpensive and disposable. The main issue with shovelware is that it tends to clutter up any storefront that allows it since the signal to noise ratio is so bad. That's not really an issue for the consumer or the developer to deal with though - that's really the platform's problem.

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