I’ve noticed that both the MMO’s I’ve played with dyeable cosmetic systems (GW2, FFXIV) also have heavily monetized storage, and fairly limited storage space for dyed armor. 800 slots for FFXIV (fills up fast), and only bank/inventory for GW2. Are these two things at all related? Does armor customization impose a costly storage burden? I thought it’d be cheap and easy to store dyed armor as simple string of values. “Player X has Y armor with dyes A, B, and C.” However, I’m no programmer.

They're mostly unrelated in technical terms. The major crossover here is that both features are generally acceptable monetization avenues. There are monetization choices that western audiences are not ok with (e.g. selling power, selling content perceived to be critical path), and there are things that they (mostly) deem acceptable (convenience items, cosmetics). Players are generally good with spending money to dress up their characters and to obtain more item storage (among other things), so developers will monetize those areas so we can pay for things like continued development and keeping the lights on at the studio. For quality-of-life stuff like storage space, there's often some way to convert in-game playtime (e.g. earning in-game currency) to purchase additional storage space so that spending is more of a time-save than it is a necessity. In contrast to that, cosmetic items like equipment dye or specific outfits are generally acceptable when some are exclusively gameplay-obtained and others are exclusively purchased with real money. Both, however, are common sources of income for the game and dev team.

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