In fighting games counting (comparing) frames on moves/animations is important, even for players. For other types of games, do developers or animators count or tweak to the frame? And when counting small amounts of time like that, how do most studios do it? Frames? Milliseconds?

Animators typically count things in terms of frames. Some designers care about frames specifically too, but engineers and designers generally use milliseconds or decimal seconds (e.g. 0.6 seconds) to describe how long something should be. Using frames as a specific time measurement is less helpful because development builds typically aren't optimized and may run at different frame rates based on what's going on. Using a more specific measurement of real time is more helpful, since the game engine can calculate real time from its (variable) frame time in order to maintain accuracy. Our debug logging keeps tabs on everything in terms of milliseconds so we can see how temporally far apart events in the log fire.

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