I’m one of those starry eyed idiots that wants to make an impossibly ambitious game with no experience, money, or team. But I have Unity, inspiration from upcoming games like The Big Catch and Lightspeed Lina, and a powerful computer. Dev, I have no clue how to begin. Help… :)

Let’s take a dive into the archive for your answer today.

[How do you come up with the core gameplay for a game?] (Spoiler: It’s in the verbs)

[What is the basic level of competence you need to reach before trying to work on a game with a team?] (Spoiler: Learn to use the engine)

[How can I get out of ‘blank page syndrome’ when designing levels?] (Spoiler: Think about the experience you want the player to have)

[When you want to test if a game idea has potential, what do you do? Where to begin?] (Spoiler: Prototype it)

I wish you luck. I welcome you asking additional questions if you need further guidance. If you want to ask more specific questions or have a discussion, our discord server is an excellent resource.

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