I remember watching a documentary on the development of Jedi: Fallen Order and seeing a part where they are focusing on a stable build. They apparently had 1,000+ bugs they needed squashed to accomplish this. As a gamer, this seems like an unrealistic amount. Is it? How is it possible they were able to not only introduce, but also find that many bugs? Even for a studio that’s a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, I can’t imagine the Quality Assurance team finding even over 100. Sorry for the longer question, but this always blew my mind. Thanks!

How do they find that many bugs? Consider - in AAA games, we bring on entire teams of QA to test every day during production. Imagine 50 testers each find only five bugs a day from a full eight hours of testing. That's logging a combined 250 bugs daily. In a week, you've got 1,250 bugs. After a month, that's 5,000 bugs. A year would be 60,000 bugs. Most testers can find more than five in a day, especially early in development.

To give you an idea of what things are like in the trenches, take my example. Two days ago, I personally fixed bug number 522,096 on my current project. I'm currently working on bug number 474,991. These are not randomly generated numbers. When I joined the team (roughly two years ago) I started working on bugs and tasks numbered in the mid 30,000s. QA finds and logs a lot of bugs.

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