I really disagree with your suggestion that people should make an effort to change the copyright laws. Because to me, it just sounds like you are asking people to do an impossible task while also ignoring the fact that large companies like Disney have been lobbying Congress to tilt the copyright laws to their advantage. In addition, your posts comes across as if we should just be contempt with the current state of the laws in spite of all the flaws. Heck even you yourself even stated in an old post that the current laws are flawed and far from perfect. So tell us, what should we actually do given the current circumstances?

I agree that making an effort to change the copyright laws is very hard. I agree that it has a very small chance of success. However, very small is still a non-zero chance of success - it is just very small. If enough voters push their representatives to make legal changes, laws can be made. Doing things like posting angrily on the internet has a success chance of zero. Talk is cheap. Change is hard to effect. If I want to effect change, it only makes sense to put effort into the thing that has a chance of succeeding. If you can think of an action that has a higher chance of success than lobbying to change the laws, please share. I would be happy to participate.

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