I feel like I’ve begun to see games of the past few years drop big balance changes and/or system changes four to eight weeks after a game launches. Are these something like tentatively planned changes? Expecting certain things to be tweaked down or up and waiting for real player data to confirm it?

Generally, yes. We've found that the sweet spot for the quality, quantity, and pace of content we can deliver (and also for our financials) is usually a content patch every three months. This way we provide enough content at once that players won't burn through it within moments, while still avoiding crunch and burnout behind the scenes. We have enough time to develop a sizable chunk of content and deliver it often enough that we don't see huge amounts of players leaving due to the game feeling stale.

We usually finish development on a given game about a month or so before it launches - the last month + change gets dedicated to passing certification. During that time we assume the launch will be a success, so the rest of the dev team starts up development on the first post-launch content patch. As you may have surmised, this results in the first major content patch dropping 1-2 months after launch because we started working on that content patch 1-2 months before launch.

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