How can I tell if I’m transitioning from a junior to a mid-level gameplay programmer?

Most of leveling up from junior to senior is about becoming more autonomous. We do this by growing our ability to recognize work that needs to be done and our ability to do that work. This is a two-step process - we start to see work we need to do, and then we figure out how to do that work. Then the cycle repeats on a larger and larger scale.

Most internal indicators of growth come from self-reflection. I noticed growth when I started anticipating and pre-emptively fixing my code because I'd internalized the feedback I'd gotten from previous code reviews. I noticed growth when I would look back at my old code and see all kinds of ways I could improve it if I had the opportunity to do it again. I noticed growth when I started predicting the kind of edge cases and troublesome bits that I would have to address before I started working on the assignment.

There are also external indicators that will suggest you're leveling up - if your boss starts assigning you tasks with larger scope than before or if other junior devs start asking you for advice on how to do things too, for example, it's a good indicator that your coworkers believe that your skills have improved.

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