How can I improve my skills for my next interview process if companies won’t give me feedback on my design tests? I don’t want to say i should entitled to their time, but it’s really hard to process a rejection when they don’t even specify what went wrong. Do you have any advice for this situation or improving my design tests?

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One large benefit to having a mentor is to help you through times when you find your skills plateauing - when you can tell that you aren’t growing, but you aren’t sure how to improve. In this situation, you can reach out to your mentor (or just other designers you trust) and ask them for design reviews. It’s good to have others whose skill you recognize look over your work and give you constructive criticism. They can provide perspective you’re lacking on your work - things that are unclear, things that they don’t think are working, edge cases you may have missed, and so on and so forth.

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It’s important to learn how to parse and absorb this kind of critical feedback - it isn’t necessarily about improving the specific design they are offering feedback on, but recognizing the principles at play so you can incorporate them into your approach toward new design problems. Improving the specific design is less important because it is unlikely you’ll receive the exact same design test in the future. Learning how to approach design tests and the kind of things to consider is the important part.

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If you don’t have more senior developers to ask for reviews, you can always reach out on my [discord server] or to me directly via [twitter]. The discord server is a better overall bet - there are a good number of experienced professional developers there with a broad spectrum of game dev expertise who can provide insight and feedback, while reaching out to me directly just gets me. More perspectives is generally better - others will often see things you had not considered. Overall, remember that iron sharpens iron. If you can’t figure it out yourself and need feedback, you need to find a place to obtain that feedback. Do design reviews, preferably with experienced developers who can provide you direction on how to improve.

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