Follow-up to the hiring question, why don’t companies reconsider already rejected candidates when they lower standards? That seems like they would be spending extra money and time when they could check to see if any candidate meets the now lower standard then starting the hunt anew, and could settle for a lower rated candidate than one they previously rejected.

For mid-level and junior positions, it usually isn't worth it - we typically get so many applicants that we just grab the next batch of resumes and sift through it, rather than go back and try to remember who was close and who wasn't. It's also why we rarely revise our requirements for these jobs - there's almost always more applicants to consider.

For senior and rare positions (e.g. tech artist), we sometimes reach out to candidates we remember as being close to what we needed. There's also an "expiration date" on this kind of callback. Most candidates aren't waiting for our reply, they're actively seeking jobs elsewhere. If we call someone back more than a couple of weeks later, many of them are already off the market.

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