Does having Customer Support on staff for a game company have any financial upsides? From the outside looking in it would seem there is very little overlap in people who need help from CS and people who will make additional purchases.

I disagree. Imagine a regularly-spending player gets hacked through no fault of her own (e.g. via a third-party data breach) and her passwords get compromised. Her lovingly-curated game account gets stolen. Without customer service to restore her account, it is highly likely that the chance of any future purchases from her will go to zero faster than the value of most NFTs. It is immensely frustrating when a player gets into a bad state, usually through a mistake or an accident happening. Giving those players no recourse to undo that mistake or accident is enormously frustrating.

Frustration is one of the biggest drivers of players quitting. Reducing frustration wherever we can directly translates to significant increases in player retention. Customer Service’s primary role is reducing player frustration induced by player mistakes or accidents. A good Customer Service experience helps with player engagement, which is strongly correlated with earnings and retention.

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