Do voice actors only receive the script of their own lines or of the whole game dialogues? I ask this because when you watch some VAs interviews you never know if what they say about the plot is mere speculation or they already know the full story from the script.

Voice actors get the lines and direction for all scenes they are part of, as well as any barks they will be doing (e.g. attacking noises, taking damage, attack call-outs, etc.). What they say during interviews is mostly their speculation based on what parts they've seen of the scripts. The voice actors usually perform opposite a stand-in to speak the other lines. The more scenes they get, the more they can piece together what the game is about. This is primarily because VAs have historically been a big source of leaks and spoilers in the past (which is why one of the publisher demands during the last voice actor strike was harsher enforcement of NDAs). Several better-known voice actors do voice work for many, many games so they will often just do it with minimal preparation. since they've got so many to work through.

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