Besides buying a game a second time, how can players show support to a developer or studio? How do those other ways compare to simply buying the game again?

  • Spend money on paid DLC and microtransactions if they have any.
  • Talk to your friends about the game
  • Post about the game and any new content that comes out on social media.
  • Engage with fan and official posts on social media.
  • Leave a user review of the game.
  • Draw and post fan art and/or fan fiction.
  • Make and post cosplay.
  • Play the game a lot

Basically, what every dev is looking for are players who will spend on the game and players who will continue to engage with the game content outside of the game itself. The more people the game can reach organically, the more likely they'll get more players, more paying players, and more overall success.

PS. Conversely, if you want to do your part to kill a game, just don't engage with it at all. Let it rot, pay it no mind, and don't engage with it even if you hate it. Hate posting is still engagement. The only way to win is not to play at all.

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