askagamedev:It is July 4th. My original July 4th post featuring…


It is July 4th. My original July 4th post featuring the MOST AMERICAN VIDEO GAME EVER apparently got taken down and I cannot edit the old post, so instead I’m going to start a new one. 

Metal Wolf Chaos is a game from the creators of Dark Souls about the President of the United States piloting a mech in a one-man war against the rebel government that staged a coup and took over the nation. The rebels were, of course, led by the Vice President who flies around in his own mech.

[This game is even getting a remaster!]

Happy Eagle Land Day, world. 

The FANTa Project is currently on hiatus while I am crunching at work.

[What is the FANTa project?] [Git the FANTa Project]

Got a burning question you want answered?

It is the most American of Days. I bought Metal Wolf Chaos XD last year, so this year you get a retelling of Donald Trump winning the presidency by beating Hillary Clinton in a game of Mahjong.

Of course, his technique is to build a great wall out of mahjong tiles:

Don’t worry, he loses to the protagonist, a Japanese schoolgirl:

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