As a dev, what type of feedback grinds your gears? From the player side, I can’t imagine how annoying it is when there are feedback threads and people are suggesting features or themes that would essentially create a completely different game.

After being collectively yelled at on the forums for so long, I've developed a thick enough skin that none of the feedback really bothers me anymore. I don't get the emotional engagement with it much anymore. To me, there's really only two kinds of feedback - actionable and not.

If the feedback is actionable - if it's actually within the realm of possibility to do - then we'll consider it, figure out how much work it will take, prioritize it, and put it in the backlog to get worked on if/when we have time. Actionable feedback would be things like "Pastrylord doesn't feel very engaging to play", "The Buttery Doom ability feels overpowered", or "The Cappucino Plateau is a boring area". These are issues we can legitimately investigate and try to address.

If the feedback is not actionable, then we'll probably file it away somewhere. Some of this feedback is pretty obvious, but there's also some feedback that will never go anywhere. Trying to assign blame among the developers or our business partners for some shortcoming in the game, for example, is never actionable. Asking for a complete redesign of the game (or major game systems) is almost never actionable. Giving us unsolicited content ideas (e.g. posting a design a dungeon for the game you like) is not actionable for legal reasons. Realistically, little will actually come from this kind of feedback - we can't do it in the current game we're working on and we have plenty of our own ideas for things we want to do in other/future games. Never say never, but often say "probably not".

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