A report from Eurogamer and VGC stated that Nintendo showed their next console to a select few developers at Gamescom behind closed doors. Do you think the report is plausible? And is it generally common for console manufacturers to talk about their next console to developers privately towards the end of a console generation?

Is it plausible?

Of course it's plausible. The Nintendo Switch started development around 2012-2013, was unveiled in 2016, and was released in 2017. It's been six years since the Switch launched. If Nintendo started developing a new console shortly after the Switch's launch (2018), we're about due for a new console unveiling.

Is it common for console manufacturers to talk about the next console to developers privately?

Absolutely. How do you think the new console's third party launch games get made? We on the dev side get to work with the console dev kits before the public knows about them because new consoles need to launch with games to play or nobody will buy them. We need at least a year (preferably two or three) to build a whole game on new hardware, so you can do the math - if our game launches with the new console in holiday season 2025, that means we need the console dev kits to start building the game 2022-2024. How do you think we get those dev kits if we don't talk to the console manufacturers? We get the dev kits early and are all sworn to NDA Secrecy for that time.

I'll clarify to say that I can neither confirm nor deny anything that I am currently working on, nor can I confirm nor deny the existence of any next-gen Nintendo (or Sony or Microsoft or other party) console system. I am only speaking hypothetically as someone who worked on launch titles for the [PS4/XBOne generation and the PS3/X360 generation].

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