A bit of a different question, but what does IT do in AAA? I feel like most game developers are pretty tech savvy.

While it's true that many game developers are tech savvy, there's more to IT than just keeping a workstation running. IT at game companies does the same thing that IT does at any tech company - they set up, maintain, and make decisions about tech solutions for an organization. That might mean choosing whether to use Discord or Slack, Jira or Trello, Zoom or Teams, and integrating all of the various elements into each other, like being able to launch Zoom from Slack, or integrating Slack bots to pull data from Jira to post it in the chat channel. They are also key in operational security by setting up software solutions for protecting against (and taking care of) viruses and malware.

Basically, having some experts to give direction helps free up the rest of us from having to think about IT and able to focus on our own work. We might be able to do some of this, but it's better to have it set up for us consistently across the studio than leaving us to each try our hand at countless inconsistent versions of the same workflow, especially since screwing it up could sacrifice a lot of productivity while the IT issues get ironed out.

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