How To Make Your Game Look The Same On All Mobile Screen Sizes – Unity Mobile Game Development

What is up guys, Fire here. The biggest issue that we indie game developers face when we create a mobile game in Unity is how can we make our game look the same on all screen sizes? What do I mean by this?

Well, let’s take a look at this simple scene that I set up with a few game objects that you see over here. This is created on the resolution 1920 by 1080, which is, you know, the full HD resolution. And if I hit the play button now, everything is okay, yada yada yada, you see the game objects are here, everything is fine, we don’t have any issues and so on and so forth. And by the way, this is a new game that I’m creating, and if you didn’t play my, you know, current game, Pokey Ninja, link is in the description below.

Anyways, what if this game is not run on a resolution that is full HD? Let’s say, for example, it is run on the Samsung T310 tablet. Now pay attention to here where I’m drawing this red line or whatever I’m drawing over here. Now pay attention to this over here. How this is going to get narrower, so this right here is basically going to be invisible. So when I set that resolution, there you go. You see automatically how this game object or these two are cut out, and these two on the left side as well. And when you play the game, this is how you are going to see, or the person who has this tablet and plays your game, this is how he is going to see your game. Now if you have any gameplay over here that is happening that you need to make visible, you have a problem. It’s not going to work.

So, what is the issue? Now if you Google this online, you will find a gazillion answers and advices – do this, do that, load this, blah blah blah, blah. And what I believe that big game companies do is that, you know, they probably create multiple assets for multiple screen resolutions, then they load them. I’m not sure, maybe, maybe not, but anyways, what is a fix that you and I can do?

Well, I have these two scripts over here, and don’t worry, I’m not going to explain in detail what they do, I’m just going to explain to you how can you use them, and I’m going to provide you the download. You can download these scripts, link will be in the description below, for free of course.

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