You’ve spoken of IP concerns as the major practical barrier to generative AI use in the final product of a game. Steam seems to be about to become more open to games using these tools. What does this say about the industry’s risk assessments?

I believe that Valve has determined they are ready and able to deflect any (current) legal liabilities onto an offending game's developers and off of themselves. Most of these devs are likely going to be similar to the AI-supported youtube content farms that regularly violate copyright but make money by having hundreds of channels all regurgitating videos such that it becomes difficult to copyright strike them all.

I also think that this decision will result in a wave of AI-supported shovelware and asset flips. Think about all of the RPGMaker games and Unity-type asset flips that are pervasive on Steam and just imagine more of those with AI-generated assets and such. I don't think the vast majority of these games will be any good, but they will certainly be plentiful since there's a much lower bar to make them.

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