With the expansion of remote jobs, will there be any reason at all for studios to reallocate employees in the future?

There are (and always will be) some fully-remote studios that manage to make things work, but I don't really think it will become the norm across the industry. There's a lot to be said for in-person collaboration and the spontaneous iterative process that's much more difficult to happen in a digital-only environment.

There's also been some significant recent internal pushback against further full-time remote hiring at many studios I know of, including my own. There's been a lot of tech industry layoffs lately, which gives the management more leverage to require certain behaviors from the workers such as "return to office" and such. I know that my own studio has instituted two recent policies - a hiring freeze and a hard cap on the percentage of workers that may be full-time remote. Fully-remote devs like me get grandfathered in because the fully-remote status was already written into my contract when I signed, but most new hires won't get that same luxury.

If I had to predict the future, my guess would be that full time remote positions will be uncommon but not unheard of in the future. They will be more common than they were pre-pandemic, but I suspect fully remote positions will be more like H1B visa applications - typically reserved for senior roles that are more difficult to hire instead of a common status for a majority of the team.

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