Ok, this borders more on trivia but maybe YOU of all people can pinpoint the origins of this. Why did people for like 15 years begin to call the original PlayStation the “PSX” when the actual PSX was a completely overhauled JP exclusive revision of the PS2? I never got this or understood how it became a thing online.

Elmo says ALT

In the marketing/preview leadup to system launch, Sony originally called it the PlayStation X (rumored to be short for PlayStation Experimental back when Sony was collaborating with Nintendo) so the magazines abbreviated it as PSX. It was the 90s, extraneous Xs were everywhere in popular culture at the time. Despite the fact that the X had been dropped from the PlayStation name by launch, gamers were already too used to calling it PSX by then thanks to the magazine and internet previews so the name stuck. It was a very early example of a meme taking on a life of its own.

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