If PC modders do mods that would unlock stuff instantly instead of playing the games normally, and since you guys keep track of stuff like how many players do what in those games they play like new customizations, achievements, and whatever, is there any concern in the dev side about seeing data points being possibly done in a “cheating” way? Like, would that have any impact at all in some way?

We can usually figure out when players are cheating - checking for that kind of thing really isn’t significantly different from checking for achievements and such. We generally don’t care if players choose to cheat as long as they aren’t [griefing] other players. That typically means that cheating is mostly ignored for single player content and forbidden in multiplayer or competitive content. If you want to short-circuit your own experience and aren’t negatively affecting other players, we’re generally fine with that.

In my experience, the extent we will go with single player is to disable obtaining achievements when cheating and we’ll put the players who cheat into a separate bucket for our telemetry data purposes. For multiplayer cheating, it’s typically zero tolerance so cheaters gets the banhammer. There’s also a standing zero tolerance policy for cheating for any kind of external reward (e.g. a sponsored tournament with prizes, even if it is just speed running or some kind of organized ladder play).

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